Carlos Rojas

Google Product Strategy Expert


I’m a Product Coach and Ionic Developer I’ve been teaching developers these technologies for years and now offer consulting services to help you or your development team.

I currently only offer support via email. Since I still have other commitments (Like Blogging here), it’s much more efficient for me to sit down and work through all my consulting emails at once. Organising calls, chats and screen shares unfortunately takes up too much time. Sorry for that.

Time is my only resource as a Consultant.

Basic Coaching (1 hour)

What you get ?

If you’re stuck with something or need some advice you can send me an email and I’ll usually get back to you within 24 hours (often i’m back sooner).

for quick questions and guidance.

I’m not going to cut you off as soon as you’ve ulated an hours worth of help, but you will need to repurchase this package eventually for continued help.

Premium Coaching (3 hour)

Guidance, Review code or can code up some simple solutions.

Enterprise Coaching (10 hour)

Guidance, Prototyping or Pull request to repositories. Mainly for Dev teams.

If you have any questions about the packages. pls drop me an email: